Track riding: Right body positioning when you go on the track –
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Track riding: Right body positioning when you go on the track

Let us show you the right body positioning when you go on the track. 



The rider sits in the middle of the axis of the bike, may be even further back for a better fit behind the plexi. The aim is to keep aerodynamic drag as low as possible. The chest is resting on the tank, elbows and knees as close together as possible. The position of the legs is generally irrelevant. Ideally still on tiptoe, with only the left foot in the middle when shifting.

Before a turn:

Before you start braking and before you start tipping the bike into a corner, you need to get your body in position for cornering. Move your lower body half-ass sideways and as far forward as possible so that your inner thigh rests against the tank. The arms are slightly bent, the body rises above the plexi.

Coming into the turn:

Braking phase and tipping the bike into the corner. The position of the lower part of the body does not change, we have already prepared it. At the end of the braking phase, the upper part of the body joins the lower part. One arm extends, the other flexes, the shoulders go down. The body is parallel to the bike.

Top of the turn:

The position does not change.

Exiting the turn:

EVERYTIME WHEELIE!!! (just joking😄) 

The goal is to have the bike straightened out as soon as possible so we can get on the throttle. At this stage, you can "push" the bike away from you with your hands, i.e. hang off the bike even more with your shoulders.

After the corner
It is only when the bike is almost straight that I go back to the position for going through the straight, unless the next corner immediately follows, in which case I go straight through the next corner.

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