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Why is better to use race fairings?

You're doing circuits on a stock motorbike and you're still accelerating? Pushing your limits, feeling like a MotoGP rider... honestly in this moment you are just a step from crash. And what after?  You wake up and just check how much is your bike damaged. Mirrors and turn signals out, fairings cracked and paintless. Not a cheap repair. Replacing the original fairings with racing ones may not prevent the crash, but the repair will be faster and cost much less.
The first thing you should replace on a bike are fairings. You're carrying an unnecessary burden, both mentally and physically. As the racing fairings are more light-weight than original fairings.
The speed of assembly and disassembly is also excellent thanks to the quick-fasteners.
We also recommend to buy a racing wind-shield. It is higher and provides better protection from wind on straights.
Where do you go with all the electricity when you disconnect the lights, turn signals and other unnecessary things?  If you need to keep the wiring for any reason, somehow culturally bundle it up and hide it under alarm clocks or in a place you can get to at any time, for example. Insulate the exposed connectors to keep moisture and water out.
Do you use race fairings? Which brand? 
We recommend Motoforza fairings and racing parts!




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